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BGTS LDAP Authentication Module

A simple LDAP authentication module for Laravel using Caffeinated Module and Angular JS Checks if a username is registered in an LDAP collection. Replaces the default Laravel Authentication.    

Send SMS using Windows and any GSM Modem

Since We have posted how to send SMS using Linux Command line, It will be unfair if we don't do it on Windows OS. So basically We only need a GSM Modem, GAMMU for Windows, and of course Windows 7. My PC has a 64bit architecture, so We will be using the 64bit GAMMU for this tutorial.  

Easily Access any Application from Console (CMD)

A re you tired of typing in the whole address of your application in the command line just to use it's functionality? Do you want to access any application just by typing it's name in the command console? Are you lazy just like me? Then this will save your precious time typing the whole /path/to/your/really/overused/application.exe  to just typing the application name instead. Let's begin.