DIY Gaming Chair Sound System - Weekend Project

Leveled-up workstation music! Literally feel the Bass!

Weekend rest day! I needed something to do.

And since I have 3 Bluetooth speakers lying around the house, Why not create a Do-it-yourself Gaming Chair Sound System? 


  • Is this a surround sound system? Unfortunately No
  • But does it surround you with music while you chill on your Gaming Chair? Yes!
  • Can this pass as a movie theatre system? Yes, a little.
  • Does this convert your gaming chair into a speaker? Yes!
  • Can this make you "feel" the music? Absolutely!
  • Will this improve my gaming skills? No. Live with it.

What I have:

2pcs JBL Go 3 (Super Clean. I love this so much, I have 2) - Bluetooth

1pc Awei y669 (This is a Bass Monster) - Bluetooth

1pc Logitech Z313 (This is also a Bass Monster) - AUX via HDMI Monitor

1 Windows 11 Laptop - Lenovo Idea Pad Slim 5 Pro

My final Setup Looks like this:


Back: a Power bank sits in the middle :)

Visually, it does look like a DIY project. But the good parts of this project are the Software challenges and the Music experience afterward.


  1. Connect all the Bluetooth speakers to the PC
  2. Connect the AUX Speaker to the PC
  3. Install Voicemeeter Potato
  4. Configure the Potato

I followed this intuitive tutorial on how to install and properly use Voicemeeter. 

Since I installed Potato, I can connect 5 Speakers.

The fun part is the syncing of the speakers. Bluetooth speakers have different latencies, so it has delays that seem like an echo. I am sure there is a way to calculate the latencies accurately, but I got lazy.

I remembered that I have a pretty accurate sense of hearing. So I figured the amount of delay by ear.

Final Configuration

A1 JBL Go 3

A2 JBL Go 3

A3 HDMI (Logitech z313)

A4 Awei y669

The ultimate challenge for this were:

  1.  How to play on multiple Bluetooth speakers simultaneously? Answer: Use Voicemeeter Banana or Potato
  2. How to fix delays on Bluetooth speakers? Answer: Adjust Monitoring Synchro Delay in Voicemeeter

Speakers Lying around the house
Item Price
Logitech z313 P1,500
JBL Go 3 P2,400 x2 (but I got 1 as a gift)
Awei Y669 P1,300
Total: P7600

Real Surround Sound Systems
Item Price
JBL Bar 5.1 hannel P38,699
Logitech Z906 5.1 P20,000

Based on the price of the audio devices I got lying around the house vs the price of a real Surround Sound System, I think I can say that this is a Win.


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