Access Laravel Session Outside Laravel

I was curious if this was possible.

I had a scenario that I wanted access an active Laravel session OUTSIDE Laravel.

Given that the native.php is in the same server as the laravel project.

Let native be in:  

Let laravel project be in:
Native is served via XAMPP
Laravel is served on port 8000
php artisan serve

And this is what I came up with:


function getLaravelUser()

//Initialize Laravel's App Container
    require 'c:\projects\laravel\bootstrap\autoload.php';
    require 'c:\projects\laravel\native\bootstrap\app.php';

//Resolve the given type from the container.

//Fetches the native $_COOKIE variable generated by the Laravel's instance for the Client's machine. 
//The Container will call the encrypter class to decrypt the cookie and get it's ID.
//Session driver will be called along with the info from the Auth::user();
    $id = $app['encrypter']->decrypt($_COOKIE[$app['config']['session.cookie']]);

    return $app['auth']->user();

If you try and print out $id, you will see that the name of the cookie will be shown.
You can verify that cookie in your browser's Option/Settings.


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